Meet Our Team

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Mike Brunn

Information Specialist


Mike enjoys playing fantasy baseball all year round, cooking breakfast foods, and loves eagles- the flying kind. His secret talent is getting knots out of necklaces and bracelets. He can be reached at

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Katey Buggy

Associate Administrator


Katey lives for the pool & beach and loves all things related to the seas! She's a proud cat mom and enjoys spending time with her family & friends. She can be reached at

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Nate Graham

Provider Relations Coordinator


Nate is a proud father of two sons. He is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and sports fan. He can be reached at

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Rhonda Hackenburg

Research and Development Manager


Rhonda is an IBM Champion and a board member for the International Informix Users Group (IIUG). She is a huge Pittsburgh fan and spends her time with her family and dog Gunther. She can be reached at

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Angena Hageman

Communications Specialist


Angena is a student at Central Penn College studying Corporate Communications. She is described as being dependable, reliable, compassionate, optimistic, and caring. She can be reached at

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Kim Hoffner

Accreditation Specialist


Kim enjoys reading books, taking long walks, and competing with her two adorable Goldendoodles. She can be reached at

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Jason Ilgenfritz

Compliance Specialist


Jason loves sports- playing and watching. He is a Red Sox fan and loves playing golf- once getting a hole-in-one. Jason also likes retro video-games, but don't call him a nerd. He can be reached at

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Dan Levering



Dan likes making things efficient, effective and equitable. He enjoys art, music, sports and when people treat others with respect. His life is brightened daily by his wife & daughter. He can be reached at

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Lamont Mahoney



Lamont enjoys all things outdoors- camping, hiking. He once even wrestled a bear for a can of tuna. He has a cat name Sprinkles who he takes on walks in the evening. He can be reached at

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Kim Manganello

Operations Specialist


Kim loves her family, friends, and the Philadelphia Eagles! Kim enjoys cooking and her bucket list includes going to Oktoberfest, the Iditarod, and staying in an ice hotel! She can be reached at

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Tim Parke

Technical Services Manager


Tim is a Philadelphia fan!! He's a Pez head, gadget guru, and father of two amazing daughters and two spunky springer spaniels. He has been happily married for 32 years. He can be reached at

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Stacey Stamey

Operations Supervisor


Stacey enjoys time with her family, going to her son's basketball games, hanging out at Hersheypark, and attending country music concerts. She loves Starbucks and she can be reached at

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